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Have you been having difficulty when you poop? Thanks this helped a lot! And im not sure if its being overweight because im strong and have muscle. What about during your sports physical? Go get one of your parents and have them take a look. However, some women may experience such symptoms too. The only time I have pain wiping is when there is blood on paper.

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I have no pain nor burning, no cramps, no odor.

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Help! I saw blood on the toilet paper after I wiped – what should I do!?

So earlier today I pooped and at the end of it i saw a little bit of bright blood. I am a little girl and yesterday it starting hurting when I used the bathroom at the end then the next day when I used the bathroom I felt pain and saw red! Check out our latest blog on this topic: Most likely they have experienced hemorrhoids at some point in their lives and can sympathize with what you are experiencing. Watery blood comes out if my rectum at random times.

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