Doing poodles anal glands

It is not uncommon for an owner to mistakenly believe that the dog is 'wiping' him or herself after going to the bathroom. You really don't want him rubbing that stuff on your carpet. Some dogs are born with very narrow ducts that cause an obstruction to the flow of the anal sac contents. Let's talk about what anal glands are, what purpose they serve and how to properly care for your Poodle so that they do not become engorged and 'burst'. Her column appears on the third Sunday of the month.

How often do you have anal glands expressed?

Why is my pet scooting? Check for anal sac issues

I'll just wait and see and if it doesn't go away on its own in a while, we'll go to the vet. The vet will conduct a rectal examination, run diagnostic tests if infection or a tumor is suspected. A constant diet of just one or two types of protein can trigger an allergic inflammatory response. Feeding your pet a balanced, species-appropriate diet will address both food allergies and poor stool consistency. Reply to this thread Characters only Characters remaining:

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