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We use cookies to make wikiHow great. It's unlikely that your girlfriend wants to have sex with you if you've never even kissed. If she conveniently picks a date night location near her place and then casually steers you in the direction of her home, then she may be telling you that she wants to get intimate. Not Helpful Helpful Can pregnancy occur after taking a postinor before sex? Tips Don't pressure her into it, let her make her decision slowly. But that doesn't mean you have to make jokes, innuendos, or even blatant references to sex all the time.

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However, regardless of whether you wait until marriage to have sex, you and your partner should both be ready to have sex and capable of handling the consequences such as needing reproductive healthcare, getting birth control, handling birth control failure, or dealing with STI transmission or unwanted pregnancy.

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6 ways to get a girl to have sex with you

Kissing her lips softly. If you get a girl off, she will not only reciprocate the same to you but have a much easier time wanting to move forward. Know what her soul wants. Play hard to get. Nothing will ruin an intimate moment more than a trip to the drugstore.

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