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Only since the 90's have people really started to acknowledge to their kids that gays and lesbians not so much bisexuals unfortunately and never pansexuals exist. They are very impressionable and so easily influenced by their peers and the media. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. It really seems unlikely. List of LGBT helplines.

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I read that they cited there source who is a trend poll company and that there research shows that there new generation is more bisexual per ratio than previous generations.

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The Newest Teen Girl Fad--Bisexual Chic

I don't think it would've been safe to come out in my high school in the early '80s. Young teenagers get connected with the sharing carnal stuff and finally view porn videos and become addicted to it. My hair was short and cut awkward courtesy of my grandfather with weird bangs thanks to my cowlick. I was also incredibly boy crazy and I had a lot of hard stuff going on at home. And by encouraged I mean a parent should be super supportive of their son wants to go on a date with another guy because he's curious or a girl with another girl. Yes, it's called bisexual.

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sex is bisexuality teen trend
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sex is bisexuality teen trend
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