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The issue at hand is: Wearing a fitted abaya with discreet swirls of embroidery, a student and part-time state employee said she would rather not wear hers in the Gulf summer heat, but wearing anything else while working a government job would be frowned upon. InQasim Amin warned that unless Muslims embracedmodernity and equality, the future would be bleak. The hijab, jilbab, burqa and niqab are visible signs of this retreat from progressive values. Many defenders of the hijab point to the influence of "decadent western culture", endlessly criticising how western TV sexualises and objectifies women, though they fail to understand that they are doing they exact same thing to little girls when they constantly promote the hijab. Why bother to cover your hair if ur showing everything else?

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InQasim Amin warned that unless Muslims embracedmodernity and equality, the future would be bleak.

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Answers On Innovation Thomson Reuters. I am not assuming that the coverings all represent simple oppression. LOL, it does not take a fashion insider to get that information: I have been at graduation ceremonies where shrouded female students have refused to shake the hand of the chancellor. So too other Muslims worldwide, the silent many, watch and tremble. Women are told not to travel without male relatives, not to work, to be subservient, to veil. And women no longer buy just one garment to comply with Islamic mores, but now purchase abayas for weddings, parties, shopping, work and different seasons, abaya shop workers said.

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