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Although this culture of thinness and beauty is gradually spreading across the pond to Europe, no, you're right, Tad - we don't care quite so much. Digital printing is an amazing process that involves your artwork "You Say Tomato I Say Fuck You" being processed by a computer and then printed directly onto the surface of your product. This is a hackneyed comparison, but consider what the response would be if Safran had published a half-satirical article attacking the relative deportment of ethnic minorities rather than gender differences. It's a real tragedy that women collude with men and spend thousands of dollars on trying to compete with each other in order to live up to an impossible ideal created by the media in order to sell goods and services. That they are neither obsessed with their looks, nor insecurely competitive, are wonderful qualities. It occurs to me that there could easily be a satire of Safran's article, written from the point of view of an African or South American tribesman, suggesting that British women or better yet, American women just don't put enough work into matching the cultural standards of his people.

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Speaking as a British woman, I view Safran's piece as a A stinking piece of ludicrous comment and b a great warning to women not to go out with this self-satisfied piece of toot.

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What makes me spit is that I know that this article was partly published in order to make me, and people like me, angry, and that makes me even angrier. There has to be a sense of media responsibility - in Britain, of all places, we have a national press that the world relies on for objective journalism relatively unmarred by sensationalism. Maybe he never stopped to consider that those 5 qualities could be qualities that make someone appear sexy. You've just perfectly articulated what I was trying to say. You gotta have fun with something.

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