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I just stared at him, dumbfounded, speechless. I still believed that she wouldn't let him go all the way, but I was beginning to worry. On the very tip of his incredibly swollen penis, I could see droplets of clear pre-cum that had started to leak and dribble down the few fat inches of meat above his hand. The hair around his privates was close cut, but not shaved. As I reached the doorway, I looked back over my shoulder to see if he was watching me. In hind-sight, I think he had other things on his mind.

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He was beginning to jerk his hips a little more and lift his ass up off the bed as I tried to fit more of his cock in my mouth.

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Before I knew it, these feelings led to masturbation and to my surprise, some very intense orgasms. We continued doing this until he had about six inches inside of me. She was still in her business clothes, a jacket, blouse and skirt. We called Sandy and said we had to get together to talk, and she said to come over this evening. His dick was pretty big and very, very thick… …fat actually.

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young skinny ebony reluctant sex stories
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young skinny ebony reluctant sex stories

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