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The small sample sizes within each cluster precluded statistical analysis of the ERPs. Furthermore, we report evidence for different spatial distribution of voltage evoked by the three corporeal stimuli at closely adjacent electrodes. This was particularly true for body stimuli—only one electrode site of total sites examined, and of 69 sites showing a response selective for at least one category of corporeal stimuli, was specific for bodies. Presentation of the stimuli was intermittently paused to give the patients a rest period. To test for latency differences we identified the peak of the N minimum amplitude within our critical time window — ms for each electrode. Separate face and body selectivity on the fusiform gyrus. This site uses cookies:

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The location of this post varied across patients, but it was always in the skull adjacent to superior frontal or parietal cortex.

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Eye and Face Protection

Neuroimage 59— The fusiform face area is part of a network that processes faces at the individual level. Eye and face protection that is UV rated will also be imprinted with a "U" and a number ranging from 2 to 6, with lenses marked "U6" providing the highest level of UV protection. Across conditions, — ms showed the largest changes in gamma power for all conditions and we therefore focused our analysis on this window. However, our data is inconsistent with another key feature of this model; namely, that the fusiform face area is primarily involved in holistic processing of the whole face. The color at each location indicates which category or categories met selectivity criteria see Materials and Methods.

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