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Vail does not want to hear this, because he knows that he cannot enter an insanity plea during an ongoing trial. After Venable questions him harshly during cross-examination, Stampler turns into "Roy" in open court and attacks her, threatening to snap her neck if anyone comes near him. The scene is also so good it's worth watching again and again, for th epower of the turn and to relish in all the stellar details both Norton and Gere bring to the table. When Vail confronts him, Stampler reveals that he had faked multiple personality disorder. Retrieved from " https:

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The Best Edward Norton Movies.

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Best Actor in a Supporting Role. In his first movie, you can already see some of the best scenes in Edward Norton's career. Enter Ed Norton, who pulls all of this off so well it's frankly difficult to believe it was his first movie. Norton has also worked with several other acclaimed directors: As the trial begins, Vail discovers that powerful civic leaders, including the corrupt state's attorney John Shaughnessy John Mahoneyhave recently lost millions of dollars in real estate investments due to a decision by the Archbishop not to develop on certain church-owned lands. Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. Just as Vail is leaving, Stampler asks him to "tell Miss Venable I hope her neck is okay", which he could not have been able to remember if he had "lost time".

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  1. la mise en scene n est pas intelligente c est fait a l etat brut et sans histoire