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So what does that mean? In August, 57 lawyers across Japan formed a coalition to support redress for students who applied for the medical school. It's actually whole chromosomes determine it. Rather than recognizing these questions as a clear example of gender-based discrimination, I took them as a routine set of questions all female students are asked by recruiters. And so we could actually even draw a Punnett square. So I could just do, that's one of the homologous, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, She has one regular X chromosome and then she has one X chromosome that has the-- I'll put a little superscript there for hemophilia-- she has the hemophilia mutation.

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I can just keep going.

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(Pamphlet) Women and Men in Japan

They don't necessarily code for the same thing, for the same versions of the genes, but they code for the same genes. So what does that mean? Increasing numbers of young women are no longer willing to give up their own career aspirations to raise a family, one reason behind the sharp drop in the number of marriages in Japan and the lowest birth rate for decades. It's even more than just a set of genes. So women have to get two versions of it. And in general for any sex-linked trait, if it's recessive, if it's a recessive sex-linked trait, which means men, if they have it, they're going to show it, because they don't have another X chromosome to dominate it.

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