Sex lives of the popes

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I think this book had some substantial inaccuracies -- I have read that Lucrezia Borgia was actually a decent woman who never committed any incest or killed anybody though her dad and brother are another story. Easy to read trip through the papacy, discussing views and attitudes on sex, and the actual sexual escapades of many of the popes, who were for the most part not chaste and celibate. Had romantic affairs with both Theodora and her daughter Marozia, according to Liutprand of Cremona in his Antapodosis. Account Options Sign in. Written like a tabloid magazine; sensationalized and lacking in sources. An historical book about the popes, it's interesting if you are into reading "text book" stuff. Kinda sick to see how morality was shaped based on the fancy of the church.

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The Pope was the most powerful man on earth, and there was no one who could tell him he could not sleep with whoever he wanted.

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10 scandalous popes throughout history who had racy sex lives!

While I certainly don't doubt the "shortcomings" of those who held the papacy, especially through the Medieval and Renaissance periods, there was very little in the way of citations or references to the source material, which should be a warning flag to readers. I learned that there was a female pope, that was in for a little over 2 years and was discovered as a woman after giving birth while riding on a horse in a holy procession! University Press,p. From the Borges to the Antipopes it unearths all the duplicity and scandal, including marriage, adultery, illegitimate children, homosexuality and pornography. Mother-in-law is mentioned in the Gospel verses Matthew 8: To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Buku ini cukup baik untuk memberikan gambaran mengapa peradaban Barat begitu anti dengan nilai-nilai religius, sehingga agama dianggap identik dengan fanatisme, kekerasan, bahkan penyimpangan yang dicari-cari pembenarannya.

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sex lives of the popes
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sex lives of the popes
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