Illustrations of indicators of virginity

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Examining the physical attributes or the vagina of a young woman is not a reliable way to determine virginity for a number of reasons. Learn how your comment data is processed. Contain defamatory, obscene, abusive, threatening or harassing language or material; Encourage or constitute conduct which is unlawful; Contain material in respect of which another party holds the rights, where such rights have not be cleared by you; Contain personal information about you or others that might put anyone at risk; Contain unsuitable URLs; Constitute junk mail or unauthorised advertising; Be submitted repeatedly as comments on the same report or post; By making any contribution you agree that, in addition to these House Rules, you shall be bound by Africa Check's Terms and Conditions of use which can be accessed on the website. Services Donate Get a weekly dose of facts. However, the testers are not clear as to what this exactly looks like, Leclerc-Madlala wrote.

Mazibuko added that the bursary scheme was applied for annually, so if a woman wanted to re-apply inshe will have to provide another certificate to prove that she was still a virgin.

Virginity testing ‘sacred’ but not a science

While virginity testing is a traditional practice in Zulu culture, it is not an exact science. In the journal article, Hymen: This is subject to: Other signs that show that a young woman is still a virgin, according to the inspectors, include tight muscle tone, firm buttocks and breasts and a flat abdomen. She said the academic and financial criteria were the same as the other bursaries they provided, except that for the maiden bursary, each interested young woman had to produce a certificate that proved she was a virgin.

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