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As he sat he wondered weather or not they would ever show up and from the mist of the night air Arthur could see the figures of the tribal members walk towards him. It was also bothersome to know that such an older woman played the part the boy had a love interest in… but she said that she would wait for him. Arthur just gently pushed them and they opened wide. He took his huge member into his right hand and placed it in front of her pussy. Soon enough she let go and he was on his own. He backed off a bit and began to lick her wound, to make her feel better.

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Arthur laughed from the top of his lungs and said "Good one.

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Their pointy ears shivered as well as their whole bodies, driving mixed feeling of passion and intimacy. He spanked her harder, so his fingers and palm, contacting with her butt made a loud whipping sound. He mind was trying to comprehend with what he just what happened that he was not listening to what the Emperor said. When he done washing himself, Arthur made a half step forward, cramming on her back, while he hugged her from behind and kissed Selenia on the neck softly. Then he said "Let me be on top. Her tight pussy was squeezing him firmly. Well once almost when he stole her string which was holding her bra, but she kept them hidden.

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arthur and the invisibles nude
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