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Yes it is most likely to be very painful for them when you touch them in that area. Belly buttons are quite unusual so the cat is most likely investigating. In extreme cases, the cat may need to wear an Elizabethan collar to prevent ongoing self-trauma to the hot spot. The dry blood in flea dirt will hydrate in contact with water, resulting in a rust-colored halo around the speck. I tried changing litters, food, etc.

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An emerging therapeutic treatment which shows great promise for the treatment of skin tumours.

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All About Hot Spots On Cats

Belly button — The fur hides the belly button on most cats although cats. If it grows in size or is still there after weeks, seek veterinary attention. Why does my cats belly look like its been shaved? Call around first and find a vet that will work with you and help you get extra med. The area can become inflamed and infected folliculitis. She is an older cat, but nothing else is wrong with her. My cat had this same thing happen to him by:

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cat looks shaved in spots
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cat looks shaved in spots
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