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An anal fissure most often occurs when passing large or hard stools. What helped me was avoiding hot peppers, tomato sauce, shrimp and foods that generally contributed to irritation of piles. There was some fluid like thing coming out of anas. Was then given a course of Antibiotics. The pain is too much when i am about to menestrate after my periods the pain dissapears completely until the next time the pain start.

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I have hemorrhoids feels like 10 knifes going up my arse When i shit, the bleeding etc.

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Anal Fissure

How to Use Olive Oil for Constipation Relief Although its laxative effect can be mild, olive oil has been found to relieve constipation for many people. However I was having troubles going to the toilet I became very constipated, it became hard to sit down as it was uncomfortable. Sometimes it hurts after going to the toilet, yet wiping doesnt hurt at all, but then other days its extremely painful to wipe as well. I am a non-sexually active person. BUT,about three months ago while on a family outing, I had such terrible pain in my rectum that I had to go home early.

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i open my anus
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i open my anus
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