My first triple penetration

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My thighs were suddenly soaked, fluid running freely down them. I sighed happily as I felt him slide his hands up my sides and over my breasts. I wanted his cock in my mouth and I wanted his cum! Terry dropped his balls into my mouth and I sucked them greedily as I stroked his cock. I pulled myself up onto the toilet and sat down. I could feel my sexual arousal growing and knew a flush was spreading up my body from my groin. He was breathing normally, showing me that he was recovering from his own sexual exertions.

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After getting back into the driver's seat and fastening his pants, he started the car, put it in gear and pulled out.

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Megan's first time! TRIPLE PENETRATION!

Terry sat on the couch and then laid down, pulling me on top of him. Joe suddenly leaned over and kissed me full on the lips. Knowing anyone walking down the sidewalk could see me shoving his hand against and into me only increased my passion. I repeated my move over and over, each thrust becoming shorter and more violent as my lust for his cum grew. My orgasm grew to another level and I screamed out in total pleasure! You are quite welcome, Susie, sweetheart!

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my first triple penetration
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my first triple penetration
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