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This is a major theme in the series and she tries everything to win his heart. Due to Lucien escaping the harmful fumes of the swamp, he has maintained the best intellect in his family, though he does appear to have inherited some madness and uncoolness from his mother. I knew whittling would get me in trouble some day. Winkle's mansion's foundations, where his "ancestors left for a pure and earthy existence". Hhowever, when Lucien excepted that there are things that science cannot explain, they mended their friendship and it became stronger than ever. Such examples include capability of cooking and cleaning for himself, and takes great pride in such abilities despite Wayne's bullying nature towards him for these things.

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Wendy Winkle

Hey, what are you doing? However, Agent X often manipulates to achieve his goals, e. She and Lucien have the large role in common that they both fit in with their families but don't care about it. However, Lucien does not crave parental love that he has been cared his whole life. Littering is a crime! However, this logical mind frame gives him a narrow-minded approach towards some things, usually dismissing the so-called "pseudoscience" as ridiculous, but later admits to Tony that there is a whole world that science can't yet explain.

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