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In Asia, red hair has been found among the ancient Tocharianswho occupied the Tarim Basin in what is now the northwesternmost province of China. Cancer Council Victoria's SunSmart Manager Heather Walker says the good news is sun protection can reduce the risk of skin cancer risk at any age. And what other group could we taunt without fear of retribution? Grant told him that he would do well to respect academic freedom — a polite scholarly way of telling him to sod off. For the French novel, see Poil de carotte. While redheads may be at higher risk of skin cancer than other Australians, we are all susceptible to the disease. And when you meet a red head with blue eyesyou are looking at the rarest colour combination of all for human beings.

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Because of the smaller percentage of red-heads present in the population, it has reduced the chances considerably for them to get red-head partners, so their offspring may or may not be a red-head.

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Requiem for the Redhead

Its increased prevalence in Scots and the Welsh and English, and other northern European populations is probably due to a degree of isolation in an ancestral group at some point in our ancient history. The good news for the recessive traits of both red hair and blue eyes is that many more people carry the genes than we can see. Journal of the Anthropological Society of London. My husband is not one of them. Studies have shown that red hair alleles in MC1R increase freckling and decrease tanning ability.

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becoming extinct redhead
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becoming extinct redhead
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