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Come to Somalia and talk shit you white people. This is what happens when the US tries to help ungrateful idiots. But losing hope was nowhere as traumatic as losing a living; at least Godkin could eat regularly, even if all his editorials read like those of a man writhing in indigestion. Single most opinion changing photo ever? The United States is the most powerful country in the world and has global interests. We have to stop this now.

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Oh and i pray to god that i could just bump into just a group of them here just one time.

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"A Good Man is Hard to Take: Grover Cleveland – Man of Destiny"

God bless the Somalis! As a member of the military that was on scene ini see the points of many here. Come and live in Romania with the equivalent of euro a month if you believe, iconicphotos author, that the US came to Somalia for pity. Ask any somali, extremist or a liberal,when ICU were at their peak and finally shaping a beautiful country yearEthiopia felt a bit threatened and sent with the help of american war aricrafts, ground troop who destroyed this little group. Jamie Smith's parents Gen. There are only three ways to get into thier Muslim good graces 1 Convert 2 be thier Tax slave 3 or die. None of them were corrupt nor the american definition of terrorists but democratic.

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