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James shoved his way, and tried to remember which way was home. He stopped for a moment though as he was about to open. They began to gently make out. She got out of the water allowing herself to dry her naked body off in the wind. That was a steal, especially considering all you had to do was dust up the house since no one else was around to make any sort of mess. She flipped her hair back.

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Billy abruptly stopped swimming in the middle of the pool, as he felt his butt begin to grow heavier.

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Reese had quite a bit of cleaning up to do. His eyelashes grew out as well giving him two dreamy eyes. His skin slowly turned much paler becoming almost white. Tom woke up fearing Sherman move around her in the morning. Billy mind eventually snapped and she thought of herself no longer as Billy, but Bailey, a young horny frog girl searching for anyone who could fill her sexual desires.

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