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Until you have walked the walk and talked the talk this film may be cheesy to you. Critics singled out Downey for praise, hence the video synopsis: As for the rest of the principal cast, James Spader shows the cool, collected demeanor that has served him well in the years since in his role Rip, the drug dealer. One is as original in cinema terms real, non-sentimental, and truly likable and unpretentious as the other--and yes they are like comrades no jealousy, no violence, no loud star-type sex, almost no "f" word. Why even elude to a moment only to change its meaning entirely? Even the director who hasn't directed many films is phenominal he gives a visonary to the audience the is just exceptional. So much so that the filmmakers show a deliberate contrast between the steamy encounter and the stale, white world inside the party.

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Fox and Kiefer Sutherland aside from the drug theme does a better job at illustrating the type of sickening cycle of useless people Ellis was describing in his own novel.

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Less Than Zero

It shows both sides of it. Jamie Gertz is a model with a coke problem. Important characters like Rip and Trent, the most disgustingly apathetic of the characters in the book notice how they react when the twelve year old girl is hogtied to the bed at their friend's house or when they discover a dead body behind a clubare made trivial in the movie. If you have EVER been curious, or currently are curious about using cocaine, I encourage you strongly to watch this movie. This film is very mixed. Fox and Avnet were determined to transform the story from an unflinching portrait of lost youth to a Brat Pack after-school special. I state this because it has elements of the now unfortuneatly defunct "Brat Pack" However, the depiction of Julian played by Robert Downey Jr.

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watch less than zero sex scene
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watch less than zero sex scene
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