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This time she was smarter, and she put up heavier privacy wards to the entrance of the unused corridor. She was kissing Draco Malfoy. Hermione's heart suddenly felt lighter. Her arms were currently wrapped around a hard, taut object, smooth to the touch, and warm with life. How could she have gotten herself caught? She didn't say anything, didn't even move.

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There's no putting things past you.

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She made to get up, but he tightened his arms around her. No pun intended again. His last words brought her out of the pleasured-caused fog, and she looked down at him just as he pulled away and looked up. The question sounded so damn strange. She wanted to punch him for the snide remark. No, no, and no, I do NOT want to look at his naked body under the hot shower spray … I do not want to see his tight butt and hard abs … I do not … Oh, fuck it, and fuck my hormones…' She nearly let out a groan of annoyance at how easily her mind had become corrupted by such sexual thoughts. Not that she whimpered.

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3 thoughts on “Draco sex with hermione naked

  1. I hate all that damn moaning and whispering he does. He must think it's sexy, but it's not! He's clearly enjoying more than she is, and I don't wanna see/hear that.