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Extreme Tidal Ranges Question Set: Build a Drifter Further Investigations: Prey fish however also have adaptations to cope with predation. From the standpoint of living organisms, the euphotic zone is probably the most important of all oceanic zones since it is the only place in which any significant amount of photosynthesis takes place. The region below this is known as the aphotic no-light zone, but this is only true for sunlight, as bioluminescence is common.

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Condensation and Precipitation Compare-Contrast-Connect:

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Shedding Light on Light in the Ocean

The single most important factor in distinguishing vertical subdivisions of the benthic and pelagic realms is the availability of solar energy. Sea Level Rise Activity: Animals living near well-lit surface regions have eyes similar to terrestrial species. The ocean and life in the ocean shape the features of the Earth OLP 3: Estimating Latitude Voice of the Sea: Since photosynthesis is not possible, plants cannot live in this zone.

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