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The latter, in fact, seems almost a prerequisite to the former. As civilization advanced, the use of tobacco enemas declined. He [Stanford, the victim] was put into the fountain, water was thrown over him, the clothes which he had upon him were saturated with water, and he was taken back in that condition to the prisoner' Prior's sitting-room. Wonder what kind of a game they are trying to play with Register H. But if the weird medical practice isn't the source of the slang term, what is? I just got carried away.

Some intent and aspiring liberal politico was calling.

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And from Pamela Munro, Slang U. After some little time, a dressing-gown was obtained, and put upon him, By that time he had become so faint and exhausted that measures were resorted to, such as blowing smoke up his noseand pouring brandy down his throat, to restore him. And anyone who argues that once it is permissible for them to politic, money-raise and otherwise labor in the electioneering vineyards that somehow their bosses won't ask them to—well, anyone who argues that to you is blowing smoke up your leg. But if the weird medical practice isn't the source of the slang term, what is? The optional addition of "up [someone's] ass" to "blow smoke" in the definition 2 sense of the phrase but not to any of the others strongly suggests that the extra wording serves as an insulting intensifier rather than representing a phrase grounded in some sort of medical or physiological procedure. Honest, Miss Altman, that Shultz is a dead man, and I'm not just blowing smoke up your skirt.

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