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She might have liked the idea of having an heir, but there was never a man for whom she was able to relinquish her independence. She was respected for who she was and not for who she was married to. They discuss about their sexual problems without any kind of inconvenience. She never married because she was reluctant to share her power as Queen, and because none of her many suitors were entirely satisfactory. Not a single one of them were ever doubted to be women, nor viewed as less than womanly wielding the power that was rightfully hers. Surely not marrying or not having children does'nt make you a lesbian!

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The Union of the Crowns of England and Scotland under James was symbolised heraldically by combining their arms, supporters and badges.

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Was Elizabeth I of England a lesbian?

So these Transylvanian parvenues…. Yes it would prove that moron wrong but we know from history that she was in fact a woman and it should be left at that. Anne of Denmark m. June 12, at And it is just idle curiosity — whether man or woman, the acts and accomplishments remain the same.

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was elizabeth i bisexual
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