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Saying its not art because you are confused by the photo is kind of a copu out. And have you asked your daughter how she feels about strangers. If it is your photo, you should have the right to determine how it is used. When I checked their page, they did indeed have pictures of G. Did Flickr or DPR censor these? In fact, a participant alerted us about your post here.

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Instagram is trendy, but you only see low res photo.

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I only wish there were more effective ways to confront people. What's there not to enjoy about it If your standard of truth is limited only to what our own poor visual system can detect then it's not really very much truth at all. DarnGoodPhotos A good photo generates conversation. It is disturbing that your pictures would wind up somewhere else, it is a sick world and I get a little nervous posting pictures of my boys. For that reason, groups who are oppressed, abused or exploited including children should never, ever be admonished for making choices that speak to their needs for safety and freedom from harm. Some people, who cultivate many mutual favoriting friends, may have hundreds or thousands of favorite marks on a photo.

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